Science Fiction Trails is where science fiction meets the Wild West.

Who we are. 

Science Fiction Trails started nearly a decade ago because there simply was nowhere to read western sci fi on a consistent basis. Sure, these stories pop up in anthologies and other fiction magazines, but the experience is erratic. We believe we are the only continuously publishing magazine featuring western science fiction.

In 2010 we started a book line as well, featuring the horror side of the weird western. We've published three anthologies of western horror to date. Our latest book was Gunslingers & Ghost Stoiries.

Whatever flavor of weird western you're looking for, we think you've come to the right place. Saddle up for a wild right through the weird west and order your copy today!

In October of 2013 we released a  second fiction magazine--Steampunk Trails. Featuring adventure oriented steampunk stories and nonfiction articles, editor J. A. Campbell has amazed the readers with the inaugural issue.


Science Fiction Trails is a print magazine. We always remind folks, these ain't your pappy's western stories.

In our action packed eleventh issue those pesky Martians are in two very different takes on Martian invasion. We go to Name Pending, Wyoming for a story that reminds us perhaps nature can handle evolution better than man. Folks always seem to think they know how to handle alien technology–but they never do and the device the government wants proves to be quite deadly. And a Native American warrior gets a really fast lesson about parallel universes. Join contributors David Boop, Joel Jenkins, John Howard and others in our first Wild West Writing Challenge, where they come up with some amazing and really short gunfights. Featuring stories by Sam Knight, C. J. Killmer, J. A. Campbell, Lyn McConchie, Henrik Ramsager, R. A. Conine and Jackson Kuhl with an article by David Lee Summers.

Also available--our special All Martian Spectacular is chock full of Martians. Featuring stories by David Lee Summers, Laura Givens, Joel Jenkins, Lou Antonelli, Lyn McConchie, Kit Volker, Sam Kepfield & more. It's Science Fiction Trails, only with Martians.

Our Specatacular 11th Issue Is Now Available, See our Order Page for Details


Our 10th Issue

 Science Fiction Trails 11

 Issue 11