Science Fiction Trails is where science fiction met the Wild West for over a decade.  We are sad to say adios amigos.  We are ceasing publication.


Even though we offered a higher pay rate and had a bigger circulation than a lot of simlar fiction magazines, after of a decade of trying, we've come to accept the fact that we are never going to get the stories we need to continue. The reason we've always remained an annual is because we were never able to get a steady and sufficient stream of stories to produce more than one issue a year.   It was not a lack of sales.  We  consistently had well over 200 circulation--for an annual small press product that's really not that bad. 

This decision does not affect our book products or Steampunk Trails, which will be releasing its second issue later this  summer.  Recent issues will remain on sale.





Our 10th Issue

 Science Fiction Trails 11

 Issue 11